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Market Rules And Manuals
Title Description Date Published File Type Size
Registration, Suspension and De-Registration Criteria and Procedures Issue 5.1 This manual presents the criteria, guidelines and procedures for the registration, suspension and de-registration of members and participants in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. 26 Mar 2020 PDF 975 KB
Dispatch Protocol Issue No. 13.1 This document covers the timetable and procedures on dispatch scheduling and implementation in the WESM. 26 Mar 2020 PDF 3 MB
Market Network Model Development and Maintenance - Criteria and Procedures Issue 4.1 This document describes the processes involved in the development, approval, publication and revision of the WESM market network model. 26 Mar 2020 PDF 632 KB
WESM Rules (Enhanced WESM Design) WESM Rules for the Enhanced WESM Design 04 Jan 2020 PDF 2 MB
Price Determination Methodology Issue 2.0 This manual provides the mechanism for determining the prices and settlements in the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. 23 Jul 2018 PDF 2 MB
Metering Standards and Procedures Issue 12.0 This document covers the development, validation, approval, publication and revision of the WESM Metering Manual. 04 Jul 2018 PDF 3 MB
Billing and Settlement Issue 6.0 This document contains the concept, flowchart and procedural steps in the preparation of settlement statement, payment of settlement amount, prudential requirements and suspension 26 Jun 2018 PDF 895 KB
Market Operator Information Disclosure and Confidentiality Manual Issue 5.0 This manual presents the guidelines and procedures for the disclosure and protection of information received or generated by the Market Operator arising from or in the course of the performance of its functions of operating the Wholesale Electricity Spot 18 May 2018 PDF 450 KB
Load Forecasting Methodology Issue No. 3.0 This Market Manual sets out the procedures for determining load forecast used in the relevant market runs in the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. 03 May 2018 PDF 946 KB
Retail Metering Standards and Procedures 3.0 This manual presents the metering procedures and standards for the Retail Market. 28 Mar 2018 PDF 909 KB
Retail Rules Rules for Integration of Retail Competition in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. 28 Mar 2018 PDF 555 KB
Constraint Violation Coefficients (CVC) and Pricing Re-runs Issue 6.0 This manual provides the Constraint Violation Coefficients to be used by the Market Dispatch Optimization Model, as well as the Market Pricing Re-runs involved to correct prices in cases where constraint violations or pricing errors occur. 28 Mar 2018 PDF 530 KB