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Supporting Documents For WESM Operations
Title Description Date Published File Type Size
Joint Application of PEMC-IEMOP dated 26 October 2023 re PDM Reserve Market Joint Application of PEMC and IEMOP dated 26 October 2023 re PDM Reserve Market and Annex U: Price Determination Methodology 31 Jan 2024 PDF 17 MB
IMO Transition Plan This document provides the detailed plan for the transition to the Independent Market Operator (IMO) as approved by the PEM Board, and ratified/endorsed by majority of the PEMC members voting rights, per the EPIRA, WESM Rules, and PEMC By-Laws. 28 Apr 2021 PDF 371 KB
Interim Protocol for the Declaration of Bilateral Contract Quantities During the Implementation of Interruptible Load Program This document describes the procedures for the re-declaration of bilateral contract quantities to complement the undertaking of Interruptible Load Program (ILP). 01 Jul 2015 PDF 168 KB
Initial Loss Percentage for WESM Load Forecasting 01 May 2015 PDF 394 KB