| Sat, 01 Oct 2022

Dispute Resolution

Market Governance
Dispute Resolution

The WESM Rules contain a process that facilitates the resolution of all disputes relating to or in connection with transactions in the WESM which may arise between or among any of the following:

(a) The Market Operator

(b) The System Operator

(c) The PEM Board and its Working Groups except the Dispute Resolution Administrator

(d) WESM members

(e) Intending WESM members

The dispute resolution process is designed to be a cost-effective way of resolving disputes and preserving market relationships by avoiding the need to resort to court proceedings.

The Dispute Resolution Administrator (DRA) is tasked to administer and ensure the effective implementation and operation of the WESM dispute resolution process, as well as facilitate in the resolution of disputes within the objectives established under the WESM Rules.

The Dispute Resolution Administrator:

Atty. Jesusito G. Morallos
B.S. Civil Engineering, Juris Doctor
Managing Partner, Follosco Morallos & Herce Law Firm
Field of Expertise: Civil Engineering, Construction Law, Arbitration