| Tue, 28 Mar 2023

Compliance Committee

Market Governance
Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee (CC) is one of newly established WESM Governance Committees (WGCs) that was formally constituted in 2021. It provides support to the PEM Board on governance matters through the supervision of the conduct of enforcement and compliance proceedings. The CC monitors the compliance of the market participants with their obligations in pursuant to the WESM Rules, reviews the investigation of breach of the WESM Rules and Manuals and recommends imposition of sanctions or penalties if warranted.
The CC likewise oversees the WCO Certification and Registration Process in ensuring the compliance of the WESM Compliance Officers and the Training Service Providers with the WCO Certification and Registration Manual.



Members of the Compliance Committee (as of 01 November 2021):


Dr. Peter Lee U - Chairperson

Associate Professor and Dean
School of Economics and Associate Professor
University of Asia & the Pacific


Atty. Alejandre C. Duenas II

Founding Partner
Flaminiano Arroyo & Duenas (FADLaw) firm

Engr. Primo D. Lim III

Electrical & Instrumentation Consultant
Presidium Controls & Industrial Technologies Corp.