| Sat, 04 Apr 2020

Enforcement and Compliance

Market Governance
Enforcement and Compliance

The Enforcement and Compliance Officer (ECO) is appointed by the PEM Board to investigate breaches of the WESM Rules and enforces sanction/s against erring WESM members and the Market Operator. The ECO performs the following functions:

  • Establish principles and procedures, and undertake activities to effectively promote compliance by WESM Members, the Market Operator and System Operator with WESM Market Manuals and WESM objectives, rules and regulations;
  • Prepare periodic Compliance Reports to be submitted to the MSC and PEM Board;
  • Review Non-Compliance Notices upon the direction of the PEM Board;
  • Monitor compliance with remedial or preventive measures imposed by the PEM Board upon a party filing a Non-Compliance Notice;
  • Conduct Investigations of alleged breach, abuse of market power and Anti-Competitive Behavior;
  • Recommend mitigation measures to the MSC when, in the course of an Investigation, it determines that Anti-Competitive Behavior or abuse of market power may reasonably exist;
  • Monitor compliance by a party to a Suspension Notice issued by the PEM Board; and
  • Inform the MSC on policy development, amendments to the WESM Rules and decisions of the PEM Board relevant to compliance and enforcement.

The ECO is supported by the Enforcement and Compliance Office of PEMC which serves the following functions, as mandated in the WESM Rules:

  • Serve as technical and investigative support unit of the ECO;
  • Establish mechanism to promote consultation and voluntary compliance by participants; and
  • Continuously develop systems and procedures to deter breaches of the WESM Rules and further evolve enforcement of penalties consistent with the objectives of the WESM.