| Tue, 18 Jun 2024

Dispute Management Protocol Focal Persons

Market Governance
Dispute Management Protocol Focal Persons

The Dispute Management Protocol (DMP) Focal Person is the first point of contact for the notification of disputes relating to the WESM.

Training of DMP Focal Person

The Focal Person must be familiar with and has understanding of the dispute resolution processes in the WESM Rules. The DMP Focal Person must have proper training and experience in negotiation and conflict management.

Authority of DMP Focal Person

A high level of authority for the resolution of disputes or has a quick and easy access to people with requisite level of authority is required for a DMP Focal Person. This will ensure that all agreements reached during the negotiation are binding to all concerned parties.

The list of DMP Focal Persons can be downloaded in the Downloads section, under Dispute Resolution Administrator.

(Note: Kindly login with your MyWESM Account in order to view the link for the List of DMP Focal Persons in the Downloads section.)