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REM Rules And Manuals
Title Description Date Published File Type Size
Update on REM Commercial Operations DOE Notice on REM Recalibration for REM Participants 28 Sep 2020 PDF 3 MB
REM Data Catalogue Pursuant to REM Rules Clause, this Renewable Energy Market (REM) Data Catalogue lists each type of market information and document produced or exchanged in accordance with the REM Rules. 07 Sep 2020 PDF 236 KB
REMFAQs_2019 14 Feb 2020 PDF 1 MB
DC2019-12-0016_Promulgating The REM Rules Promulgating the Renewable Market Rules 05 Feb 2020 PDF 714 KB
DC2019-12-0016_Annex_REM_Rules Renewable Energy Market (REM) Rules 31 Jan 2020 PDF 1 MB
DC2018-08-0024_RPS_Off-Grid_Rules Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) Rules for Off-Grid Areas 30 Jan 2020 PDF 11 MB
DC2018-07-0019_GEOP_Rules Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) Rules 30 Jan 2020 PDF 2 MB
DC2017-12-0015_RPS_On-Grid_Rules Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) Rules for On-Grid Areas 30 Jan 2020 PDF 1 MB
Presentation Of The Draft REM Rules (PubCon) Presentation of the Draft REM Rules (Public Consultation) 06 Dec 2017 PDF 1 MB
REM_Rules_Form_For_Submission_of_Comments REM Rules Comment Form 01 Dec 2017 DOCX 257 KB
REM_Consultation_Paper_Issues REM Consultation Paper 01 Dec 2017 PDF 323 KB