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Advisories & Notices
Publication of Audit Summary Reports on the NSS Tool and CRSS-NSS Module
Thu, 22 Oct 2020

Dear Market Participants,

Please be informed that the Summary Report on the Independent Software Audit of the Enhancements to the NSS/NSD Tool for the 1-Hour Market and Enhanced CRSS-NSS Module for the 5-Minute Market is already available for download.

The PEM Audit Committee (PAC) supervised the independent software audit for the enhancements to the NSS/NSD Tool for the 1-Hour Market and CRSS-NSS Module for the 5-Minute Market.

The audit was conducted in compliance to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Resolution No. 07, Series of 2019, “Adopting Amendments to the Rules for the Distribution of Net Settlement Surplus (NSS)”, which provides the mechanism for the distribution and flow back of the NSS/NSD.

This activity was handled by the Intelligent Energy System (IES), the external auditor commissioned by the PAC. After the conclusion of the audit, IES issued software certificates indicating the compliance of the enhancements with respect to the ERC Resolution.

Thank you.