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advisories & notices

Advisories & Notices
ERC Initial Order Promulgated on 22 April 2021 re Application for the Structure and Level of Market Transaction Fees for the Renewable Energy Market
Mon, 24 May 2021

This Application was filed by Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) pursuant to Section 8 of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 (RE Act) which mandates PEMC to establish a Renewable Energy Registrar with the task to issue, keep and verify RE Certificates that correspond to energy generated from eligible RE facilities and which will be used for compliance with the RPS. For this purpose, PEMC was also authorized to impose a transaction fee, equal to half of what PEMC currently charges regular WESM players. This Application therefore seeks the ERC’s approval of the structure and level of market transaction fees for the Renewable Energy Market, with Prayer For Provisional Authority.

Specifically, it seeks the ERC’s approval of the proposed transaction fee rate to be charged by PEMC as the RE Registrar and the Development Budget with the One-year Commercial Operations Budget, among others; all in accordance with the authority granted to PEMC by the RE Act.

Upon filing of the Application, the ERC set the Application for hearing on the following dates, with a directive for any interested stakeholder to comment on the Application, as follows:




01-Jun-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Determination of compliance with jurisdictional requirements and expository presentation for Luzon Stakeholders

08-Jun-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Expository presentation for Visayas Stakeholders

15-Jun-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Expository presentation for Mindanao Stakeholders

06-Jul-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Pre-Trial Conference and Presentation of Evidence

13-Jul-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Presentation of Evidence

20-Jul-2021, 14:00, Tuesday

Microsoft Teams

Presentation of Evidence


Details of the hearings scheduled as well as the list of the jurisdictional requirements are stated in the Order and Notice of Hearing promulgated on 22 April 2021.

Documents related to the subject application can be accessed here.