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Advisories & Notices
REM ADVISORY: Re-issuance of January 2018 Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) for the FiT Compliance Mechanism and FiT REC Validation Schedule
Thu, 09 Dec 2021

Dear REM Participants,

Please be advised that the RE Registrar re- issued today, 9 December 2021, the REC under FiT Compliance Mechanism corresponding to the January 2018 Billing Period.

REM Participants issued with RECs from FiT-eligible RE Facilities for the said period are requested to submit the accomplished REC Validation Form using the prescribed template no later than 21 December 2021, 05:00 PM.

Please refer below for the validation schedule of REC issued from the FiT Compliance Mechanism for January 2018 Billing Period:



10 December 2021 – 21 December 2021

  • Download the REC Manual Validation Template for January 2018 via SFTP
  • Validation by Participants of issued RECs

21 December 2021, 5PM

  • Deadline for submission of Validation Forms via SFTP or email at reregistrar@wesm.ph.
  • Please note that only the Mandated Participants (i.e. DU, RES, Genco with DCCs) with metered quantity and bilateral contract quantity with Directly Connected Customers are required to submit the REC Validation Form.
  • Please note that non-submission of the REC Validation Form on the said deadline shall be considered as confirmation of the RECs issued to your company/organization for the subject billing period, per DOE directive.

First Week of January 2022

  • RER will notify participants via email that the RECs issued for the subject billing month are final or if it will be adjusted in the next REC calculation

You may log-in to your PREMS accounts thru https://online.prems.pemc.ph/ to view the data listed below and to validate the REC issued to your company/organization:

  1. Metered Quantity
  2. FiT- All Data
  3. Bilateral Contract Quantity for Generating Companies serving Directly Connected Customers

In addition, the REC Manual Computation Template for the validation of REC issued to Mandated Participants from FiT-eligible generation facilities is available in the Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Please log-in to your SFTP account thru  to download a copy of the said template.

For your reference in validating your issued REC, you may also view/download the following documents via the PEMC website thru these links PREMS | Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (wesm.ph) and RE Certificate Validation Process | Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (wesm.ph):

1. PREMS User Manual;

2. REC Validation Guide;

3. REC Validation Template; and

4. SFTP Work Instruction.

Should you have concerns or questions regarding this advisory, please send an email to reregistrar@wesm.ph or contact the following REM Specialists:

Membership Category

RER Personnel In- Charge

Contact Number

DUs and RES

Ms. Marie Liezelle E. Macbenta

0939 927 7404

REM Generators and Generators serving DCCs

Mr. Marlo S. Delizo

Mr. Aldrin W. Reyes

0936 304 2117

0949 452 7743

You may download this advisory through this link.

Thank you.