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Advisories & Notices
Call for Comments to the Proposed General Amendments for the Monitoring of Forecast Accuracy Standards on Matters Relating to Enforcement Proceedings and Actions (ORCP-WR-WM-22-12)
Tue, 20 Dec 2022

The Rules Change Committee (RCC) is inviting all WESM Members and interested parties to submit comments to the PEM Board-approved Proposed General Amendments to the WESM Rules and WESM Manual on Procedures for the Monitoring of Forecast Accuracy Standards for Must Dispatch Generating Units (FAS Manual) on Matters Relating to Enforcement Proceedings and Actions (ORCP-WR-WM-22-12).

The proposed amendments seek to:

  1. address the gap between the FAS Manual and the actual procedures and practices being adopted to implement the provisions of the said Manual;
  2. ensure compliance with the requirements set forth in the DOE DC2022-05-0015 that seeks to include in the FAS-related enforcement proceedings/actions the must dispatch generating units with issued FCATC;
  3. define with more clarity the reference data for the calculation of the forecast percentage error and other terms used in the Manual;
  4. address some unique conditions, situations, or circumstances affecting the compliance of the must dispatch generating units but are not otherwise included in the current FAS Manual;
  5. give considerations or exemptions for some plants who have just commenced operations and have low chance of passing the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) or the Percentile 95 of the forecasting error (Perc95) due to their limited time of participation in the WESM within the subject monitoring year; and
  6. add provisions that will promote due process before any sanction is imposed relative to a finding of breach of MAPE and PERC95.


The WESM documents for amendments are:

  1. WESM Rules; and
  2. WESM Manual on Procedures for the Monitoring of Forecast Accuracy Standards for Must Dispatch Generating Units (FAS Manual)



The proposed amendments were originally initiated by PEMC on 10 November 2022 by way of the rules change process for urgent amendments. Following the procedures for processing urgent proposals set forth in Section 7 of the Rules Change Manual, the RCC certified the proposal as urgent, immediately deliberated on the proposal on 14 November 2022, and approved it on 18 November 2022.



RCC Approval

18 November 2022

PEM Board Approval

23 November 2022

Effectivity Date of Revised Rules and Manuals

25 November 2022


The urgent amendments shall remain in effect up to 6 months or until a general amendment on the same matter has been approved by the DOE and becomes continuously in effect, whichever comes first. The updated market rules and manuals could be accessed in this webpage.



Provided below are the relevant materials for your reference:

  1. Original Rules Change Proposal submitted by PEMC (ORCP-WR-WM-22-09)
  2. PEM Board-approved urgent proposal (RCC Resolution No. 2022-13)
  3. Matrix of Proposed Amendments for Comments - Annexes A to B of this document (Please write your comments in the proper columns in the matrix.)


Kindly submit your comments (in Word format) through the File a Submission page no later than 27 January 2023or 30 working days from the date of publication (14 December 2022). Please input in the proper field the e-mail address of your point person(s) with whom we could further contact regarding activities related to the processing of the proposal.

Kindly direct any questions and clarifications to mag_rrd@wesm.ph. Thank you.


For the Rules Change Committee,

Rules Review Division
Market Assessment Group
Philippine Electricity Market Corporation
+632 8631 8734 | mag_rrd@wesm.ph | www.wesm.ph
18F Robinsons Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600, Philippines