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REM Governance Structure

Market Development
REM Governance Structure

Under the RE Act, the DOE is mandated to establish the REM through supervising the integration of the operation of the REM under the WESM. The DOE will also promulgate the REM Rules and REM Manuals, and approve amendments on the REM Rules. The DOE is further empowered to impose administrative fines and penalties for any violation of the provisions of the RE Act, its IRR and other issuances relative to the same.

REM operations will be supervised and monitored by the REM Governance Committee (RGC). The RGC will also take the lead in the review, approval, and endorsement, through the PEM Board, of proposed rules and manuals changes to the DOE. The other governance functions such as market audit and dispute resolution will be covered by the existing governance committees for the WESM. The RGC will also have the authority to impose sanctions on REM Members if the breach of the REM Rules was proven through an investigation carried out by the Enforcement and Compliance Office (ECO) of PEMC.

The RGC will be composed of one (1) independent member to be elected from the independent members of the PEM Board, one (1) representative each from the RE Registrar (RER), the REM Generators, Electric Cooperatives and Private DU to be appointed by the PEM Board. The RGC Chairperson is the independent member from the PEM Board.


REM Governance Committee Report And Work Plan
Title Description Date Published File Type Size
RGC 2021 Annual Report RE Market Governance Committee 2021 Annual Report 30 Mar 2022 PDF 266 KB
RGC 2022 Work Plan RE Market Governance Committee 2022 Work Plan 30 Mar 2022 PDF 93 KB
RGC 2020 Annual Report RE Market Governance Committee 2020 Annual Report 30 Mar 2021 PDF 284 KB
RGC 2021 Work Plan RE Market Governance Committee 2021 Work Plan 30 Mar 2021 PDF 100 KB