| Thu, 20 Jan 2022


Market Development



Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) introduces retail competition to the power industry. The retail market has created an opportunity for electricity end-users with an average peak demand of at least 1MW to secure retail supply contracts from licensed Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES) or Local RES. PEMC, as the Central Registration Body, is determined cater to the needs of its expanding clientele with the entry on new contestable customers as the threshold level is further reduced to 750 kilowatts (kW). At this level and beyond, new entities or business function called Aggegators shall be allowed to supply electricity to end-users whose combined demand within a contiguous area is at least 750 kW. This development in the retail market is envisioned to herald more quality, security, and affordability in electricity trade and promote further transparency, dynamism and competition in the WESM.



Click here to download the DOE Circular No. DC2013-01-0002 "Promulgating the Retail Rules for the Integration of Retail Competition and Open Access in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market"
Click here to download the Retail Rules and Manuals.
Click here to download the DOE Circular 2015-06-0010 "Providing Policies to Facilitate the Full Implementation of RCOA in the Philippine Electricity Power Industry"