| Wed, 01 Dec 2021

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Advisories & Notices
Call for Comments: Proposed Amendment to the REM Rules from the REM Governance Committee (ORCP-RGC-2021-004)
Wed, 07 Jul 2021

The REM Governance Committee (RGC) invites all REM Members and interested parties to submit comments to the REM Rule Change Proposal regarding the “Proposed Additional Seat for REM Generators in the RGC.”

This proposal from the RGC supplements the Retail Electricity Suppliers’ (RESA) REM Rule Change Proposal (ORCP-RGC-21-001 published for comments from 22 April to 23 May 2021) to include Retail Electricity Suppliers (RESs) as a separate member of the RGC. In the currently approved REM Rules, there is only one representative for both REM Generators and RESs. Given this, RESA previously proposed to include a separate seat for the Supply Sector, resulting in possibly having 6 seats in the RGC.

The RGC deems that an odd number of committee members must be maintained to ensure that there will be a majority vote in the decisions that will be undertaken by the committee and, thus, proposes an additional 7th seat representing the REM Generators. Specifically, the RGC proposes that, since there will possibly be two (2) REM Generator representatives, at least one representative should come from REM Generators with capacity of 5MW and above, and another representative from REM Generators with capacity below 5MW to ensure that both small and large REM Generators are represented in the RGC.

You may refer to the REM Rule Change Proposal (ORCP-RGC-2021-004), and the RGC Form 4 for your Submission of Comments. You may also download a copy using the links provided.

Kindly write your comments in the proper columns provided in the matrix. All comments shall be submitted both in Word and signed PDF formats, together with a signed transmittal letter (RGC Form 4 – Submission of Comments Transmittal) addressed to the RGC. Please send all your comments by email to cpc-sai@wesm.ph, with subject “Comments to REM Rule Change Proposal ORCP-RGC-2021-004” no later than 06 August 2021.

Thank you.