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Advisories & Notices
Call for Comments: Proposed Amendment to the REM Rules from the REM Governance Committee (RGC)
Thu, 22 Apr 2021

The REM Governance Committee (RGC) is inviting all REM Members and interested parties to submit comments to the REM Rule Change Proposals from the Retail Electricity Suppliers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (RESA), as follows:






RESA Rule Change Proposal: RESA representation in RGC


In the existing draft of the REM Rules, there is only one representative for both REM Generators and RES. This proposal intends to add a representative for RES separate from REM generators in the RGC.


This proposed rule change seeks to include Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES) as a separate member of the REM Governance Committee (RGC).




RESA Rule Change Proposal: Qualifying RPS Eligible Generation

These proposed changes seek to revise certain rules on the issuance and distribution of RECs with respect to RE generators, particularly Sections 2.1.2 and 3.1 of the REM Rules as follows:

a. RE generators should be allowed to register their RPS eligible generation in the REM, since there are RE generators that are partially RPS eligible, and only RPS eligible generation should be registered in the REM; and

b. In the case of merchant eligible RE generators, the RECs corresponding to the energy dispatched should also be distributed proportionately to WESM off-takers, such as the RES and DUs.



RESA Rule Change Proposal: Obligations and REC Issuance

These proposed rule changes seek clarification, modification, and refinement to the current rules on the activities and obligations of the RGC, responsibility of REM members, and issuance of RECs.

Please click the links provided above to download a copy of the REM Rule Change Proposals.

Kindly write your comments in the proper columns provided in the matrices. All comments shall be submitted both in Word and signed PDF formats, together with a signed transmittal letter (RGC Form 4 – Submission of Comments Transmittal) addressed to the RGC. You may download the RGC Form 4 through this link. Please send all your comments by email to cpc-sai@wesm.ph, with subject “Comments to REM Rules Change Proposal” no later than 23 May 2021.


Thank you.


RGC Secretariat

Strategy and Innovations Division | Corporate Planning and Communications Department