| Wed, 24 Apr 2024

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Market Governance
Maximum Available Capacity

The Market Surveillance Committee and Compliance Committee's Proposed Amendments to the WESM Rules and the Dispatch Protocol Manual regarding the Maximum Available Capacity (ORCP-WR-WM-22-08) aims to provide a clearer guidance and include other conditions (e.g., circuit breaker status, ramp rates) that shall be considered by the Trading Participants when offering/bidding or revising/updating offers in the market.



Market Rules and Manuals Affected


ORCP-WR-WM-22-08 – Discussion paper and matrix (Please write your comments in the proper columns in the matrix.)

Supplemental Discussion


Kindly submit your comments (in Word format) through the File a Submission page no later than 09 January 2023 or 30 working days from the date of publication (23 November 2022). Please input in the proper field the e-mail address of your point person(s) with whom we could further contact regarding activities related to the processing of the proposal.

Comments received from:

  1. Aboitiz Power Corporation
  2. AC Energy
  4. NGCP
  5. WESM Technical Committee (CommentsAnnex - Supplemental Study)


DOE DC No. 2024-01-0003 dated 12 January 2024

Date of Effectivity: 13 February 2024