| Thu, 01 Dec 2022

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Market Governance
Penalty Framework on Test and Commissioning

The Philippine Electricity Market Corporation’s (PEMC) Proposed Amendments to the WESM Manuals regarding Penalty Framework on Test and Commissioning (ORCP- WM-22-05) aims to provide the penalty mechanism for the following acts or omission of a Trading Participant with facility or plant whose test and commissioning period has expired:

  1. Failure of the registered WESM Member to apply for commercial operations registration after receiving the Certificate of Compliance (COC) or the Provisional Authority to Operate (PAO); and
  2. Generation after expiry of authorized test and commissioning period unless otherwise authorized by the relevant DOE issuances, Market Rules or Manuals.



Market Rules and Manuals Affected

  1. WESM Manual on Registration, Suspension and Deregistration Criteria and Procedures (PEM Board-approved version based on RCC Resolution No. 2021-18, currently pending DOE approval); and
  2. WESM Penalty Manual, Issue 1.0 (Note: The Market Surveillance Committee (MSC) is the WESM Governance Committee designated to review and approve the proposed amendments to this Market Manual, which will be for further approval by the PEM Board and DOE.)




ORCP-WM-22-05 – Discussion paper and matrix


RCC Resolution No. 2022-12 - Proposed Amendments to the WESM Rules and Manuals regarding Penalty Framework for Test and Commissioning