| Thu, 01 Dec 2022

rules change

Market Governance
Calculation for Additional Compensation

The Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines’ (IEMOP) Proposed Amendments to the WESM Manual on Billing and Settlement regarding Calculation for Additional Compensation (ORCP- WM-22-06) aims to:

  1. reflect the formula for the calculation of additional compensation amount and specify the recovery process for additional compensation across all claim categories based on the External Auditor’s recommendations from the (Supplemental) Audit of PDM-related Enhancements to NMMS and CRSS;  and
  2. simplify the process in determining SO dispatch instructions during market intervention/suspension and include further condition on the calculation of quantity eligible for additional compensation during administered pricing.


Market Rules and Manuals Affected


ORCP-WM-22-06 – Discussion paper and matrix (Please write your comments in the proper columns in the matrix.)